What to expect from your visit:

Dr. Woodyard’s complete New Patient Work-up and Evaluation includes 2 visits about a week apart.  During the first visit she will review your health history, do a physical exam including a complete nutritional physical, test you for food intolerances, test your blood for inflammation and infections, evaluate your adrenal gland function, test calcium and essential fatty acid levels, do a Chinese evaluation of your tongue and nails, and evaluate organ function.  If you have had recent labwork or imaging, bring copies to this visit.  Dr. Woodyard will review them and use the information to develop your comprehensive treatment plan.

Between the first and second visit, she will review your current symptoms, health history, any recent testing, and the findings from the first visit to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  Treatment plans may include nutrition and diet recommendations, lifestyle changes, natural medicines, home treatments, and physical medicines.

At the second visit Dr. Woodyard will review with you a complete written Report of Findings as well as the Food Intolerance results.  She will explain the treatment recommendations and plan to address your health concerns.